Saturday, June 4, 2011

Star runner

O am thinking about my next novel. I write for myself. I am quite ashamed by how badly i write. I enjoy the challenge of writing for nanowrimo. My idea is imagine one of the sanctuary cities described in the bible. The accused can never leave.

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Not a podcast but an exploratory post.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have a twitter feed now. It's

Behind the Scenes

I've not been posting here--shame on me. I've not been writing either--shame on me. However, I was listening to the Slate Daily Podcast today and there was a discussion on a book about an explosion, a terrorist attack, on Wall Street in 1923. It occurred to me the Over the Moon novel could have a series of explosions in it, that Phani could be misdirecting Star's investigation. This would be very likely since one of Star's many character flaws is its inability to identify misdirection. I've also concluded I need to do a lot of work with Emily Dickinson. I have him as a comic. I had originally thought of him as an assassin and forgot it when I started writing. I'm wondering if he could be a private detective or former private detective and talk with Star about Star's difficulties in investigating Gwen Chen's death. Star has to be able toevaluate people's answers to questions and interpret evidence. This requires figuring out who is telling the truth, who is lying and who is keeping truths from Star. Star is so straight forward that figuring this out will take a lot of work on Star's part and may be even beyond its ccapabilities.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Episode 2

At long last I post Episode 2 in which I share my
diary, talk about my new MSI Wind, and reviewLeviathan Chronicles
and Plum Spooky available at I'm not going to post any streaming links unless you ask for them. Click on the title to go to the
page where you can do more with this podcast. Credits go to :
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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Episode 1

I give a brief history of Scarborough Fair and discuss podcasting, review Space Casey, describe downloading RFBD books and reveal my initial thoughts on nanowrimo.


Dolce Musica It's a contemplative journey, my friends.
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If the episode is not available,p please check back later. may be experiencing problems. Please be patient.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I've been making preparations for my first podcast episode. I'm writing this here to let anyone who chances by know to come back again or to drop the feed in their podcatcher and that something will show up there in the next week.

I've been moving a bit slow on this, partly because I've been fighting a cold and partly because I have realized there is no rush, that I can be satisfied with the output I create, going segment by segment and listening back to it and deciding if I like it. Several takes is okay. It's practice.

Areas to work on:

Technical: I heard a bumping sound in the recording. It turns out my headset creaks. I'll be switching to a digital recorder. This means converting the file, but it should avoid the creaking and the interruptions of the voice synthesizer. Previously, I had an external synthesizer, but no more.

Composition: I've been working on what the podcast will include and trying to get clear in my own mind what this podcast is about. You were wondering, too?

1. About me: news and views.
2. Opinions
3. Books
4. Technical hints for blind users
5. Matters of the heart

As for this last item, it is more than ideas. It may be about life. I always like Douglas Adams' phrase: life, the universe and everything. That is more than ideas, more than opinions. It may be more spiritual than anything, or at least, that is the word that comes to mind, but then I'm a trained pastor and that is the word which comes to mind.

This is not a religious podcast though such matters may come up simply because of my world view. I would clasify this podcast more in the audio blog category. I'm not trying to convert anyone or belittle anyone else's views. That would go against my core beliefs.